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Scientology was founded by the late sci-fi author Ron L Hubbard. It has a few decent concepts and ideals. Basically it is built around its founders theories-Ron L Hubbard was and is Scientology-it is his creation not gods.

There are 0-10 levels of learning each level is known as a ot, and you gradually progress to what they call the Bridge. It is a religious spiritual organisation..and in my view a cult. One fascinating feature is the use of a machine they call the E-meter..this is used to determine whether you are deemed as a clear at each level or OT, thus allowing progress up the spiritual ladder. You have to buy this machine and I believe some years ago it cost around $3,780.00.  It cost around $5-6000 for your first OT module of study…Cher–ching sounds like a good money-making concept than spiritual to me.

Trying to leave is very hard and costly as any discounts you may have got through membership or bulk buying is then charged to you. The last estimated cost I found for attaining what is known as level 9OT..bridge ready clear was around $365,000…In my view short carefully selected powerful seminars, workshops and intensives are a far more cost effective  and advantageous way to gain new techniques and tools for your journey and spiritual awareness.

Scientology is another one of those controlled dogmas that belong to the red herring herrings are defiantly cheaper and you may learn more.

The only person that can take me to the Bridge is Captain jean Luc Picard.

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