Chinese sign of the Monkey.


Chinese sign of the Monkey.

  • Chinese name: Sien  
  • Element: metal
  • Aspect: lesser yang
  • Compass direction: south-south-west
  • Season: Early Fall
  • Major Characteristics: independent,lively,quick-witted,entertaining,bold and inventive.

The Personality of the Monkey.

Monkeys are always mentally and physically active and are audacious and inventive, agile and hyperactive.

Such is the activity, that there are periods when a manic-depressive state may occur, leading to a nagging insecurity. The expanding of such energy has to take its toil in the end.

the Monkey is an irrepressible lively fun-loving person whose doubts are warily drowned. At times they are sexually teasing and at others-manipulative. the Monkeys actions are invariably intended for good others and never for their own advantage.

However crazy Monkeys may seem to be, they know precisely what they are doing. they also have a child like ability to play games on people and then innocently give the whole game away. At times they may seem cunning and approach life with a devil-may-care attitude-in the belief they will always get what they want. Most times they do-because other people are happy to indulge in return for the endless pleasure they give.

Mercurially is the key word for Monkeys. they are the worlds fidgets, interfering with other people’s lives almost always with positive effect. In the crisp Autumnal air, the Monkey becomes energetic and can advantage of others with it,’s tricks. On the chinese clock the Monkey hour is the last working hour of the day and just before sunset. One of the Ancient signs for a Monkey shows a leather hide being stretched on a frame. this signifies a person reaching out warily.

The Monkey god is a popular figure within Chinese Legend and as the mischievous hero within the classic tale who accompanied the monk-Xuan-Zang on his perilous journey to the West. the Monkey embodies the essence of human nature and its frailties, which can, however be redeemed through good work. Astrologically a facility to express themselves with words as well as deeds. superficially, the Monkey has the ability to fashion metal with the minuteness of detail in the design of jewellery or watches,to the huge construction of engines and bridges.

the Monkey person who does have gifted fingers will have a glib tongue instead, and as such some Monkeys may use their undoubted abilities in the law courts to bewilder an unsuspecting lawyer. As inventive as the Monkey may be its creations have to be considered with awe. for what may have  begun as a way to improve life may turn out to be a complete catastrophe. the Monkeys finances are apt to be erratic, but there are times of affluence, the secret lies in holding onto any gains.

When the Monkey is head of the household it is difficult to  maintain a calm atmosphere since the younger members of the family follow the lead of their hyperactive parent. But there will usually be one member of the family who will act as buttress during the occasional crisis. when teamed up with the right people with sufficient resources and a definite objective-the Monkey sparkles into creative activities and throws itself enthusiastically into schemes which gain admiration from all quarters.

An experienced and wise Monkey will not allow the acclaim and good fortune to change its character. In a crowd, the Monkey may give itself away by its penchant for acting boldly and with a colorful appearance. the patterns and the fine textures of the clothing and delicate jewellery worn by the monkey-all serve to reveal the basis traits of this complex character.

The Ideal companion for the Monkey.

With the rat and the dragon as companions, one as a partner and the other as a friend or close relative, the Monkey can achieve phenomenal personal success and reach the heights of human happiness. finding these two companions is the Monkeys life quest. for a more modest life, the horse will provide friendship, comfort and security for all its days, while a merry time can be had with the dog, the tiger is unlikely to prove an amenable companion.

I hope this helps any monkeys out their understand themselves a bit better.

Enough..i must stop monkeying around and be serious like a clown.


Kindest Regard





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