The spirit of winter

Hi there

The spirit of winter

Winter is the season of spiritual hibernation and regeneration. A time to reflect, ponder and relax. A time to do nothing, simply enjoy the colder weather, play in the snow,breathe in the cold crisp air and spend yuletide with family and friends. With January comes a new year, new hopes,new beginnings,the wonder of the stark trees,frozen shrubs,bushes,and undergrowth.

Fantastic silvers, pure brilliant white,dense grey cloud filled skies shared with bright cold blue ones and semi warm sun. A time to build your spiritual energy and waste little, to gasp in awe at the seasons natural habitat..the polar bears, the snow leopard, the penguins,husky dogs,the simplicity of the falling snow,a reminder of how simple life can be. Embrace winter and its wonderful spiritual offerings its coldness washes away the dross in your aura and enlivens you.

Spiritual warmth comes from winter, as you walk in nature and see yet another side to Gaia,s wonderful planet, a rawer harsher side perhaps but still immensely awe-inspiring and beautiful. The dead softness before the rebirth of natures life. I love to sit in a seclude snow-covered place and listen to the sounds winter brings, hug a bare,snow-capped tree and pray to the winter goddess and what she brings…followed by the glowing warmth of a natural fire and mug of mulled wine..truely inspiring.

Each season brings us something special not only visually but spiritually and immense growth can be had by aligning to the tide of the seasons and tuning in to what they have to offer..winter is no different it offers us much and strengthens our energy for the time of growth and learning ahead.

I think are brrrrilliant.

Fun enjoy

Kindest regards




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