Field of Dreams


Field of Dreams.

I love the Kevin Costner Film “Field of Dreams”..a wonderful heart warming story about a struggling corn farmer who upon meeting the spirit of his favorite legendary baseball player, played by Ray Liota, turns his field into a baseball pitch so that the great player and his old team mates can play one more game.

In the etheric lie fields upon fields of information..our dreams are contained in one such field. All dream visions come from here..what a wonderful if not scary place to hang out..imagine a collage of mesmerizing and childlike images,bright,funny,vivid and seemingly nonsense. A place where every dream we ever had resides side by side with every dream there ever will be. A truly wonderful Peter Pan world.

From this realm all your dreams can be brought to life and molded into your consciousness, therefore making them possible. Pure thought turning the impossible into reality, where everything seemingly unreal comes to life and becomes real. You can tell your children that both “Christ” and “Santa” exist at christmas..Angels and Elves, Raindeers and sheep, wise men and loving mothers, Christmas trees and cribs, Gold, frankincense and Myrrh   alongside simple presents ..all divine and real…our imaginations fuelled by a dip into the field of dreams, it is all here, our hopes,our desires, our creativity and of course our dreams.


ZZZzzzzz….sorry just daydreaming.

Take care

Fun, fun and more fun

Kindest Regards



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