V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta


V for vendetta.

Alan Moore a British comic book writer did a comic book series tilted “V for Vendetta”. This series was then made into a major film.The concept of the story was based in a not so futuristic Britain.the countries prime minister was the head of a rather nasty fascist government and the character V was fundamentally a freedom fighter who wore a guy Fawkes mask.

Guy Fawkes for those who are not familiar with english history was a male catholic in 16 century England and catholics at that time were being persecuted. He and a group of other catholics decided to blow up the house of parliament. It was the image of this historical figure that alan Moore and David Lloyd depicted as V in the comic books.

V was more than a freedom fighter fighting for intrinsic values however, he was in my view an entire etheric energy pattern and is so ensconced in English history that V is in a kind of way a saviour of England.

I can envision the feminine energy of V being disclosed sometime soon the English as a sign and those that are on a etheric spiritual journey will heed this and embrace it…and who knows with its help come through the turmoil that must happen..to a carer safer place.

I hope so

Take care

Kindest Regards



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