Songs of The Inner Birds

, , Good afternoon.

Songs of the inner birds.

Music is one of those dual tools. To much loud,angry,violent,foul language kind,can be very damaging to ones etheric. It causes it to tear and makes you more vulnerable to ghoul influence. On the other hand softer less aggressive types can be very uplifting and help repair any tears aiding you to go into deeper trance. It is wise to avoid loud music for prolonged periods of time,if like me you are into stuff by Coldplay, Queen etc than it is best played at a respectable volume and for short periods of time, no more than say 20 minutes or so a couple of times a day. If you choose to listen for it longer then an hour at a time, then it is best to go for a walk in nature afterwards to allow yourself to heal.

In deep trance I often hear beautiful songs, I call these songs “the songs of the inner birds”,they are deep in their resonance and very sonorous and melodic. they wash over me cleansing me as they do so,I am honoured and humbled by their simplistic harmony and with their help I am brought closer to god, for this I am ever grateful and I send them My undying love and gratitude.

I hope that when you are in trance you are given the opportunity to hear these songs too, for they truly are a thing of distinct beauty.

Have fun listening to music that lifts your soul.

Have fun bye for now

Kindest Regards



One thought on “Songs of The Inner Birds

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