HI                                                                                                                               Invisible: meaning not perceptible by then eye.

Just because something is invisible IE not perceptible by ones eye. does not mean it is not there and cannot be seen. Most etheric knowledge is invisible to the ordinary perception and eyesight, hence why so many of us do not understand what is really happening in their lives and on the planet. By raising your perception and awareness you begin to see the invisible. You slowly begin to penetrate the worlds and dimensions beyond the matrix of our perceived 3D world.. Before going any further you may want to try this little exercise,the art of making yourself invisible to others. You can do this by yourself or get a friend to do it and watch as others bypass them.

first you need to be in a fairly crowded centre,park etc.The key to becoming invisible is to pull all of your sense and energy inwards.You see we fire pulses of active energy out into the world and people feel this.By pulling this energy inwards and containing it within you prohibit these sensory pulses from reaching out to other people. Now if you sit or stand on the fringes of a crowd or whatever and practice bring your energy inward and keeping your head lowered slightly, so that you are not looking at anybody directly,you will be surprised at how many people walk by you as if you are not there,to all intense and purposes you are not invisible,Try it and see.

Being invisible in life is the best way forward,the more people,particularly government agencies etc, do not know you exist the better. As long as you are giving them what they want they will leave you alone,there is no reason to be well-known in  public,that is not the warriors way. By keeping silent and invisible outside, you access the invisible nature inside the hidden dimensions which will give you greater insights as to what is really happening.

This article can only be read by initiates as it is written in invisible there!

Have fun take care

Kindest Regards



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