The Speckled Mist Anomaly

  Hello.                                                                                                                                                 At the beginning of the millennium a strange anomaly happened, a spiritual dimension descended upon the earth. this is when I believe that the forces of light and good began their latest fight back against the forces of darkness and evil  on and around our planet. This anomaly enabled many people to see into a spiritual dimension for themselves and gain many new insights and knowledge that was previously unavailable. It is with this new awareness that some brave people took up the mantle and joined the war against evil and its demonic forces.

With in the dimension of the speckled mist lies a wealth of learning,visions and insights that mankind needs if they are to make it through the coming troubles. Most of the information an individual sees is personal and meant only for the viewer, some of it is more general and can be passed on.

I am going to inform you how you yourself can see this magnificent world and watch and learn for yourself what goes on. In order to see this you need to be in a darkened room where is a little light coming in (not much)You can either sit or lie down, I often watch lying on a bed. relax your mind and body for a few minutes before beginning. From your sitting or lying position focus your attention on the wall or ceiling. After a  minute or two the point where you are focused should begin to become hazy and soft looking. When this happens slowly pull your vision and attention back towards yourself until you are around the halfway point between you and your original focal point.It is here that the spiritual dimension lies.If you have done this correctly you will begin to see the forming of a speckled like mist,that should stretch across your entire vision.

It is like a multitude of dull sparkling pinpoints of light dust that dances in the air,this is the edges of the realm. to begin with simply watch with a relaxed mind and you should slowly begin to see shadowy images moving about within the mist.

After a few attempts you may want to try this. Whilst sitting or lying down,hold out one of your arms and move it slowly towards the dancing mist.As your fingers begin to touch it you will feel a tingling sensation,continue pushing very slowly into the void beyond. As you probe deeper with your fingers and hand you will notice that your hand and arm will become translucent and sparkly as it slowly begins to disappear.

I hope this is useful and if done correctly I hope it brings you to a closer understanding of the etheric and yourself. Just a note of caution, I am always open-minded and excited when I discover new things,but I also err on being cautious, because some of the things I have discovered required me to be not only brave,but patient and trusting in god and the forces that be.

Have fun stay focused and trust.

Kindest Regards



One thought on “The Speckled Mist Anomaly

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