The Financial System




The financial systems last stand.

The financial system and its institutes and all the people who think they run the show have already in the inner worlds, either been taken out or will be taken out. They cannot and will not last. sometime ago I had a vision in this vision all the worlds most influential companies and institutes were represented by small squares there were around 500 or so and each square was recognised by its own logo. they were all heading towards the matrix that engulfs mankind and were shuffling around each one placing itself next to another thus forming a solid block of around ten rows deep. A voice came from among the chaos and stated “come together we will  make one last stand”…this was around 2-3 years ago.

Since then the financial crises has worsened and that power base has been considerably weakened. Once the remnants of this block have been wiped out in the inner then the inevitable end in our realm will happen. I don’t know how long things take to filter through from the inner worlds to our 3D reality is difficult to mark time beyond our own 3D, but I read somewhere that the time lapse can be anything up to 3 years or more. On that basis and on what has happened recently in the financial world I am confident to enough to say this is definitely the beginning of the end..they may well  make tweaks here and there to try to bolster this fading and collapsing system in an effort to keep it afloat a little longer ..but the system is corrupt and the rot is now too deeply embedded…soon they will lose everything.

Do not be fooled when told that things  are looking better and soon the belt-tightening will end,..this is another of the grand lies ..its over rover.

Money,money,money..its a madman’s world…Abba

Keep your gold, take your cash out of banks,bulge your wallet and watch the banks collapse.

Love you all


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