The Christ Consciouness



The Christ consciousness.

Jesus,Buddha and Mohammed were very humble people born with what is known as the “ christ consciousness”. All born at different periods in our history and all helping to rid the world of darkness an bring the light of god into the world and our lives. They all carried this light with bravery and compassion for mankind,it is this compassion and unbreakable belief that mankind would change its ways that in the end was their demise.

Mankind has throughout its history gradually sank deeper and deeper into darkness, the cohorts of dark and evil have spread and even the efforts of these three souls blessed as they were with this wonderful beauty and energy were powerless to stop our descent. What has happened over the millenia is this, a thick negative crust of darkness has gradually encased the world and within this crust countless numbers of darks ghouls,demons and ufo,s have thrived on the fear and negativity that has built up and they now prevent  a vast amount of light penetrating through to earth and us.

Since the new millennium however the forces of light aided by a brave band of human sages and warriors have begun to destroy the darks power base, and gradually some cracks have begun to appear in the crust this has enabled more armies of light to join the war,and now the forces of darkness are in retreat.With a foothold cracks are now big enough and the forces of light powerful enough to enable the “christ consciousness make a return. This time having learnt from the mistakes of the past, and knowing that one person alone on their own is vulnerable to the power of darkness, the christ consciousness is returning or has according to author and lecturer Stuart Wilde already returned, and will manifest in several humans at around the same time. I think there will be one such person in each of the continents,these brave warriors will gradually spread the energy of christ to others, and they will pass it onto more still, till sometime in the not to distant future, all darkness and those who think they run the show will be taken out.

We live in exciting, scary times,but if you work on your goodness,humility,compassion and love for yourself and others, you may be shown a fraction of the wonderful intensely beautiful light of christ..i do hope so.

Love you

god bless


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