The Spiritual Animals

   There are  a very few special animals in the spirit realms, the likes of “The Lion of Judah”,”The Lamb of God””The King Stag” and the four horses of the apocalypse. These animals are highly evolved spiritual entities and beings, many more animals are at the head of mass armies of light, all energised and with gods bravery and courage. Seeing and knowing this makes one incredibly humble and brings you a remarkable awe of respect and honour for animals, you begin to feel their pain and inner hurt they have had to endure,mostly inflicted by mankind. You also sense their compassion for god and the beings of light.                                                                                                                              In comparison to animals, mankind are far less spiritualy evolved, it is our ego and the system that feed us this belief of superiority, and therefore most of us unaware of this fact. We must learn to have love and compassion and respect for these wonderful creatures and stop the cruelty and wanton killing for food and profit. many species of animal have taken their place in the war on darkness and evil and deserve our love honour and gratitude. The wolf for example protects the doorways to the celestial dimensions,the owl is a symbol of wisdom,the eagle is regarded as a symbol of spiritual power and represents the higher self. The fox however is devious and has some connection to ufo,s.                                                                                                                                   I like the wolf,the husky dog,the snow leopard and the white tiger, but I love all animals. I am now going to watch “Cats””The Lion KIng” “The Jungle Book””Lassie”Black Beauty” and feed the birds. Take care Love gg


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