Joy is watching the trees as they shed their leaves and watching the most wonderful of sunsets. The wind as it gently caresses your skin and blow s through your hair,the smell of a million flowers, or a single rose in bloom, the sight of children playing and having fun. That sense of being connected to the feminine spirit. All these things are joyous.

Joy is knowing god is everywhere and is a part of everything. Being humble and blessed by the appearance of an angel. The sonorous songs of a thousand birds or the chirp chirp of a single nightingale or starling.The knowing that somebody loves you,and that you love as well.All these things are joy.

The sound of  a hundred rivers as they flow undisturbed, or the more gentle hushed sound of a single river as it passes you by. The ducks as they float and quack. The sight of horses,cows,donkeys,and hens as they graze and play. The wonderful sight of birds in flight,and the fluffy clouds that take on strange shapes. The warmth of a gentle sun on your skin and the dampness of a light drizzling rain. The damp wet smell of the earth after rain. All these things bring joy.

The sounds of a baby gaa , and their soft gentle movements. A breathtaking view from a hilltop or cliff. The scent of lavender in the lavender fields,the sound of your loved ones heart as it beats with life. The answering of a prayer by god. Awakening to a new day. Freshly baked bread and coffee, the wonder of complete silence, the shimmering sparkle of yellow and gold, the balancing of violet,purple and turquiose..all these things are joy.

Joy is a simple strenthgens you spiritually and brings you closer to god and the light,it is not the amount of possessions you have, or how materialistic you are, or rushing around needlessly,or constant chat and activity on a mobile or computer. It is not anger,hatred,or greed. I implore you embrace joy..and enhance your life.

My sister makes me laugh and lights up the room..her name is joy.

Till next time

Take care

Love and regards



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