Saint Nicolas


Saint Nicolas.

As we are nearing the time of christmas and its celebrations I have decided to dedicate this article to the wonderful giver of presents and aid St Nicolas.

He was a 4th century Greek Saint known as Nikolaos of Myle, and had a reputation for secret gift giving..he remained humbly anonymous and became the basis on which Santa Claus was devised. He was a Christian and his featday is celebrated on 5/6 December. He was honoured as a the patron saint of Sailors, Merchants, Archers and Children alike.

One of his most prized artifacts and possessions was Myrrh..which is a kind of rose-water that is supposed to have miraculous powers. He was a wonderful kind loving man who gave proper worthwhile gifts and help to people and children..there is a host of websites that detail his legendary deeds if yo wish to find out more.

The modern-day Santa Claus/Father Christmas has been merged with the traditional Christ Christmas celebrations of today and celebrated on the 25th..the combinging of these two humble compassionate figures in our history should make Christmas a celebration to remember..humbly and in a minimalistic way..unfortuantely it has been hijacked by greed, over consumption and sadly devalued in its true meaning by the pious system we live in.

I love christmas I keep it minimalistic, but as a modern day monk that is to be expected. #Celebrated in the correct way Christmas is wonderful..a few minimal decorations..a drink to both Christ and Saint Nic and all the other christ like human beings there have been, a reasonable feast with family and freinds ..followed by 36 hours or so of fasting and fun and fun and more is only thing to do in excess.

I am so excited I have started opening my advent calander..I got a chocolate St Nicolas on the 6th and I will place it side by side with Christ in  my belly and  heart.

Take care


Kindest Regards



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