In Dreaming



In Dreaming.

We can learn a lot through our dream. late author and teacher Carlos Castaneda explains this in great depth in  his books. he and other self-proclaimed sorcerers used the art of being in dreaming as the main tool of their teachings.

The key to in dreaming is to be awake when your dream and become aware of the events that are happening within the dream state and then remember them afterwards. there are several terms for this the most common in use now is probably lucid dreaming.

By being aware you can freely interact with the characters that exist in the dream world and open yourself up to a new way of living and understanding, in  this way you gradually break down the boundaries  that exist between our solid 3D reality and that of the numerous dimensions that also exist. You begin to realise that we are actually living in a preconceived bubble world and existence.

Here is a simple exercise that will help you access your in dreaming ability.

Before sleep, relax yourself with steady breathing. then close your eyes and start counting upwards from 1  saying to yourself “1 I am dreaming” “2 I am dreaming” “3 I am dreaming” etc upwards, if you reach 100 start again…resume again.

Continued repeating of this exercise will eventually enable you to become aware of your dream state . Carlos Castaneda said that a simple method to know if you awake in your dreams is to look for your arms.

There are many many articles and books on this subject if you wish to learn more…I only relate to you the exercises that I use and find work well enough for me.

Good luck “time for bed” said Zebedee in magic roundabout.


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