Beauty and the Beast




Beauty and the beast.

The Disney 1991 animated feature film “The beauty and beast” reminds me of the spiritual journey. 

The film based on the fairy tale “La belle et la bete” by Jeanne-marie Le Prince de Beaumont is the story of a Prince who refuses to give shelter in exchange for a rose to an enchantress, because of this she turns him to a beast and he can only revert back to being a man  if he can love and be loved.  Belle is the love interest who despite being wanted by the most handsome man in the kingdom “Gaston” wants nothing to do with him.

The two main characters reflect the coming together of the male/female spiritual energies and the merging of both of these in order to become unified. It is a clear indication of how mankind can if they choose and decide to work at it go beyond the obvious failings of physicality and overcome the mental, subconsciousness darkness of who we are, and using both the darkness and light within ourselves to  move towards a more encompassing awareness.

We all have a beauty side..and a beastly is the addressing of both of these aspect of ourselves that we need to maintain if you wish to raise your awareness and perception and access true seeing. The spiritual awaking can be both beautiful and hideous..spiritual pain is something that needs and has to be experienced in order to move and see beyond bubble 3D. Thankfully it is somewhat counterbalanced by moments of exquisite beauty and serenity..both have to be felt and understood in order for us to become a fully unified man or woman. As this unification begins to take place a whole plethora of visions,truths and perceptions will emerge.

The Beauty potion I am about to drink looks horrible and nasty…here goes..wish me luck!.


Love and respect

Kindest Regards


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