Honouring the Wind




Honouring the wind.

The wind can tell us lots, its knowledge and wisdom is vast.  I love that feel of the wind as it caresses my skin, cool, unceasing and commanding. It is another one of those things that mankind cannot corrupt or control..a spiritual entity that is blessed by god with her own special powers.

If I sit in silence this wonderful form of feminine goddess energy sometimes expresses itself to me. I can hear, feel, see,and sense its beautiful courageous, yet gentle compassionate self. When visible to my eye she is majestic and astonishingly simple in  appearance , purple and green in colour, two plain colours swirling gracefully in a cascading elegance.

Words touch me , rather than from sounds..I feel them, rather than hear them, a kind of helplessness and humility overwhelms me..as i realise the magnificence and love the wind has..I am awed , humbled and full of honour, respect and love for this goddess entity. A wonderful and beautiful thing is the wind and her secrets…

Brrr..there,s a draft in here..woops there goes my wig..LOL.

Have fun take care

Kindest Regards



8 thoughts on “Honouring the Wind

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