Autumn Spirit



Autumn Spirit

To me Autumn is a wonderful beautiful serene time of the year. I love the exquisite rustic colours of browns, golden yellows,and greens,the way the light reflects majestically through the trees and on the leaves. The soothing not burning sun,and the coolish breeze. I feel alive and free.

With the onset of so-called climate change, autumn still seems to be the season of most consistency. It is probably the most spiritual time of year, a time to wind down in preparation for winter hibernation, a time to reflect on what has happened during the year, a time for spiritual cleansing,taking stock, and simply enjoy the sights as the trees begin to shed their load,the slow fading of the flowers as they finish the years cycle.

A wonderful time to meditate, in nature, breathe in the autumnal air and prepare to do nothing for a while. I hope you all will join me celebrating this most wonderful season, and show mother earth Gaia the grace and compassion she deserves.

I am now listening to autumn by Vivaldi and the four season,s or is that “Frankie Valli”

Much love

Kindest Regards




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