Spirit Worlds


Good Afternoon.

Spirit worlds.

It is in the spirit worlds that all manner of strange beings,creatures and beauty lie. Therein also lie demonic beings and pure unadulterated evil. By accessing these inner spirit worlds you slowly begin a dialogue and are shown things that open you to the inner wonders that lay beyond our normal perception. Angels can much more easily be seen in these realms because it is more their natural habitat, it is difficult for beings of spirit and light to enter our 3D reality because of the thickness of dark that surrounds and separates us from the etheric and other dimensions..some do come through and make themselves known however.

The Spirit worlds are a place of beauty in every sense, but they can be scary and show beings and things that we don’t understand or feel comfortable with..this is our inner darkness that we need to address and incorporate in our being. the spirit worlds can be accessed via deep meditation, normally Theta trance state. If anybody as any difficulty in reaching theta trance then there are theta trance tapes and other materials around to aid in this.

As ever have fun Love Love.

Kindest Regards



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