Stigmata is the phenomena of having the wounds of christ appear on you. Generally the hands begin to bleeds, although there are five places where this has happened. It has happened to around 500 people in our history, and the first to recorded incident of this happening to anyone since christ himself was St Francis of Agassi the founder of the Franciscan order, this happened to him in 1224.

Ironically 80% of Stigmata sufferers have been women, including, both St Catherine of Sienna and St Catherine of Genoa and also St mary Madeline.  and generally occurs after much suffering and hurt, although it can also be brought on by stress and taking on too much of ones relatives pain in some instances it can simply just happen.

It is similar to the wounds that get sustained when under attack from the ghouls..a sign of the pain christ had to bear when nailed to the cross..a spiritual suffering some of us have to endure.

 Spiritual growth hurts…hair growth does not.

Love and affection

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