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The Qabalah.

The ancient form of the jewish Qabalah is a very interesting subject. It stems from the ancient Hebrews and involves the symbols of the tarot,magick incantations,meditation and the use of the hebrew number and alphabet system, which both words and letters. It also uses the four symbols of the elements Earth,fire,air and Water and uses what is known as the tree of life as the basis of its teaching. It is a discipline that is concerned with the esoteric aspect of rabbinic Judaism . It is though to have originated around 11-12 century in and around southern Spain and France , it takes it teaching from the jewish holy book of Torah. there ten spheres known as Sephora and they interconnect with each other to make a total of 32 paths of meditation. Each Sephora moves upwards towards the highest point of spiritual evolution and wisdom.

I studied this for a while and although it is interesting and brings about some spiritual awareness and enlightenment, I find it very dark and linked to the darkest aspect of the jewish faith vey egotistic. There have been some very serious aspects of magickal use which can derive from this and organisations such the “Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn”used such magick.Whilst all magick is not dark, the summoning of demons etc is in my mind considered to be on the darker side. We are under enough constant attack from demons and ghouls without the need for them to be brought knowingly into the battle.

That said I did gain some insights and some spiritual development ,but I thing todays Qabalah teachings are a bit of a red herring used to keep many good souls from taking a more practical path to realisation. It did however help me understand some of my darker side and for that I am grateful.

Of course we all know that David Copperfield is the only one who can do real magic..tee hee.

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One thought on “Qabalah

  1. Excellent read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was simply performing a little research on that. And the man actually bought me lunch because I ran across it for him smile So i want to rephrase that: Thank you for lunch!

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