Emotions and Feelings


Good Afternoon

Emotions and Feelings.

Emotions and feelings are two separate things. Emotions are ego charged feelings that run rampant and are often 80% based on the egos selfish needs. Feelings however come from the spiritual energy of the heart-they remain constant and are 100% accurate. An emotion for example is “Excitement”..that thing you get when for instance your sports team is winning only for it to pass into another emotion of “disappointment” when they lose..emotions lose substance and consistency they follow the egos lead.

A feeling of love, is simply that..love has no boundaries, true felt love does not change, it does not suddenly inflate if your lover or partner gives you a gift or surprises you ..no matter how nice and wonderful that may be. What happens is your ego responds to the act of kindness and fuels the feeling into an emotion..wanting to be shown love is a selfish act the ego needs to be inflated and in control, whereas we just like being and feeling love.

A gut heart-felt feeling about something is a spiritual prompting and is real..how many times have you known something as being right or wrong. Feelings are accurate…always act on feelings,not emotions..emotions are used to blackmail people, IE when somebody tries to force you to do something you do not want to by saying things like “If you really loved me you would”..or “Please do  it for me?”..things like that are emotional blackmail..probing at any guilt you may have.

Here,s something you might like to try that will help in controlling your emotions and distinguishing feelings..thereby leesening your emotional state. When you sense yourself getting worked up about something, this is normally emotion, begin to probe at it, as if trying to burst it like a balloon,..if this probing pops it this is an emotion and it will help calm you down.

A feeling will never affect the way you react to something, it is just pure gut/heart sense, by acting on these senses you begin to know when something is a feeling or an emotion. Feeling will always be correct and will either lead you to something fun,new and rewarding or take you away from something or someone harmful.

Pheeew!!..must go I “Feel” rather emotional after explaining this.

You have my love

fun as ever

Kindest Regards



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