Defence against the dark (arts)

Good morning.

Defence against the dark (arts).

In the Harry Potter books the students of Hogwarts school of wizardry attend lessons on the subject “defence of the dark arts”. This is designed to protect the students from attacks by the evil forces of Voldermort ..he who shall not be named and his henchmen.

In what is known in the books as the world of muggles..we humans are constantly under attack from forces of the dark,the ever controlling fear mechanisms of the media,the barrage of constant visual and noisy advertising and most of all the ghouls, who are either attacking us themselves or using ghouls infested humans to do for them.

So like in the Harry Potter books we need to protect ourselves from this constant bombardment of fear and control.We need to learn some defence against the dark.Listed below are a few things you can easily do if you wish.

  • Drink plenty of clean fresh water.
  • Drink chamomile tea
  • Use lavender oil on your pillow at night or dab it behind your ears during the day.
  • spend time in nature.
  • Avoid really busy places as much as possible.
  • Be as silent as possible.
  • Never rush around endlessly.
  • Keep yourself clean.
  • Avoid growing facial hair.
  • Avoid pornography.
  • Try not to watch the news or read newspapers..if you have to then only do it for short periods of time.
  • Sleep away from windows.
  • Avoid doctors surgeries and hospitals as much as possible.
  • Laugh a lot and have fun.

These are only a few ways to stay safe and protect yourself from being misled and controlled by the dark that lurks in our midst. Please do not worry too much about this subject as fear is the most common means by which we attract  the attention of the dark forces. Love,faith,honour,truth and fun and laughter are among the best ways to live..or of course you could go to Hogwarts. LOL.

Love you all

fun fun

Kindest Regards



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