The 26 dimensions


Good Morning

The 26 dimensions.

I am not an expert on this subject , but I feel it is very important to try to understand the basics of the 26 dimensions of our universe,as it will help you immensely in your perception of things beyond 3D.

The word dimension derives from the latin word “dimenso”, human beings are allocated in what is known as the 3rd dimension out of the 26 that known to exist in our universe. The reason being for this is because of our ability to predominately perceive objects in 3D.

The theory and ideas of the 26 dimensions are based on two primary things , the first being that during the existence of mankind some people have been to them, whether one or more person have been to them all I do not know, but out of the many that have visited these realms , the number 26 seems to be the most reoccurring number. Secondly renowned men and women in physics and mathematicians throughout history have devised a sound mathematical equation that supports this.

As I said mathematical equations is not my field, but I can tell you it involves the revolving angles of the double pyramid, which when calculated with precision comes to 26. The top pyramid represents our natural self dimensions, the bottom one represents the mirror worlds. the point at the very epicentre is deemed as zero point and is the gateway to other dimensions beyond our universe.

Basically we can traverse these dimensions and rotate through them thereby expanding our perception beyond our condensed bubble like 3D. by reaching zero point we can transcend ourselves into other universes and the dimension that lie beyond.

This is quiet technical , but there is a lot more information on this subject out there if you so wish to look for it.

As for me the only degrees I know are to do with the weather.

As always take and have fun.

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