Mankind and our planet are entering a massive period of change and upheaval. A new dawn of human expansion and planetary renewal is upon us. Gaia is our Earth mother the ruling energy force of the planet and its feminine spirit. mankind’s way of life has caused our planet and Gaia much pain,the mass wholesale slaughter of her children the animals,the unrelenting chopping down and mass destruction of the rainforest,the pollution and overfishing of the seas etc. Gaia like any  caring mother has to protect her family from this hurt.

Her way of doing this will cause much hurt and pain for mankind and will come via massive natural disasters that will take a lot of human life…we have seen some of this recently.IE Japan,Hati,New Orleans,Etc.To assist and enhance your chances of survival you need to respect Gaia through grace,humility and honour. Every piece of meat you eat,comes from part of one of Gaia,s children,every animal your harm rests in your karma,..being vegetarian now is probably a good idea. Bless this earth and the planet we live on.

Be safe and honour mother

Fun Fun

KIndest Regards



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