Humility is a wonderful thing that we need in order to control the ego and aid us on our etheric journey. Being humble is one of the most marvellous traits that any human can have. That genuine love of yourself and others that is not spoken about ,the joy of knowing that you do not have to express yourself to others about what you do or you are.

The wonderful ability of being able to help others without wanting gratitude and any gratitude given is sincerely and deeply  appreciated with a mere nod of the head and few words.

In todays egotistic life the lies about the high life and being somebody it is increasingly difficult to be genuinely humble. Very few of the so-called achievers and doers in the world are sincerely humble,in fact not being humble seems to be the order of the day if you want to make it or reach star or super stardom status. In truth everything that involves a status or a person having to maintain a status is deadly. Entrapment is the status symbol cloaked in the guise of recognition, power ,wealth and freedom.True freedom comes from being humble and non recognition,humility cleanses the soul and is one of three virtues of humble genuinely humble I mean,bag any beliefs or ideals about being somebody or having a status.

In respect and honour

Kindest Regards



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