The concept of hypnotheraphy..hypnotics,hypnosis..used correctly can help you change your sub-conscious thinking. It is our sub-conscious thinking that dictates our thoughts, thus the actions we then take in life.

It works like this: By listening to soothing repeated affirmations they gradually bore deep into the sub-conscious and began to tap into your habitual way of thinking, this enables you to flip them more easily, thereby making you more adaptable to take in different more enhanced thinking patterns. This is made even more powerful by the use of subtlety hidden positive subliminal messages that work beyond our normal sense of hearing. As a tool to helping change our sometimes stale, out dated,and often harming thoughts, this works very well.

In my opinion there is only one person who is worth mentioning in this  spiritual/hypnotic field his name is “Dick Supthen” he and his wife Tara have created over a period of 25+ years a wide range of tapes,cd,s and videos and dvd,s that cover most issues we encounter in life.

His website for those of you that are interested in this form of growth is

www. DickSupthen.com  you can learn more and see what has to offer here.

I personally  have used several of his tapes and cd,s over the years and have found them very useful…I personally have used several of his tapes and cd,s over the years and found them very useful..I personally have used several of his tapes  and cd.s over the years and found them very useful….have you got that..Lol.

Fun and love

Kindest Regards



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