The sensuous, delightful impression you get from a simple poem. The joy of looking at a well proportioned perspective, perceptively taken photograph. The incredible ability of an artist,s painting when it draws you sumptuously into its world..oh how magic-al.

Watching flowers bloom and blossom, the snow falling on frosty ground. The trees as the leaves fall, only soon to reappear like a magicians trick..Clowns that make your children laugh as they watch their slapstick..ow how magic-al.

Feeling centered as gods spirit warms your heart, and angels hug you tight..ow how magic-al. Relaxed and calm as in trance you enter your dreams and worlds beyond our own 3D..ow how magic-al.

A brief beautiful glimpse of Christ, a hearty laugh from Santa..ow how magic-al. Staring in awe as flocks of breathtakingly glorious birds fly way for winter, and the inspired joy as they suddenly return..ow how magic-al.

Seeing a man disappear in front of you..a snow man as it melts into nothingness. A light that appears in an instant, as you flick a switch.The fog and swirling mist as one minute it  is there  and the next it  is not..ow how magic-al.

Yes my friends magic is all around us..look and you will you now believe in magic..yes..ow how magic-al.

I was tricked into writing this post, it is written in invisible ink that only true initiates can read.

Love and fun

Kindest Regards



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