Brainwaves , Meditation and Trance




Brainwaves,Meditation and Trance

In the wide awake state known as alpha the brainwaves travel at 14-21 cycles per second. When in this busy mode it is very difficult for any etheric ,spiritual knowledge to penetrate into our being, it finds our constant barrage  of thoughts and activity very hard to cross, much like a busy main freeway when buzzing with traffic,it becomes increasingly difficult if not impossible to cross.

In order to receive the information we need to awaken our perception and awareness we therefore have to slow the brainwaves down so that the information can enter into our being. This is done through meditation and Trance. When doing meditation the idea is to slow the thinking down so that we can enter the Beta state of consciousness,this is where the brainwaves vibrate at the speed of 7-14 cycles per second, in this  mode the spiritual knowledge we need can much more easily traverse the traffic coming in, thus allowing us better access to the information.

An even deeper and more aware consciousness is the state known as Theta, this is when the brainwaves go down to as little as 4-7 cycles per second it is in this lower level that you can begin to become aware of the spirit worlds and its inner secrets.

Meditation mode of 7-14 cycles a second is useful to calm you down and relax you and generally allows you  to receive certain amounts of information,whilst letting the brain and mind rest for a while, and is useful if you have a busy life style..I beleive that you do not need to this more than twice a day, for a period of 20-25 minutes once in the morning and once in the evening,at the same time every day if possible.

Trance  state at 4-7 cps however is where you are more liable to see and learn the real stuff you need, it is in trance where most  of the worlds greatest spiritual masters got their insights. This is where if you truly want to learn and heighten your perception is where you be. After a while as you gradually get used to proper trance state, it can come naturally and you may find yourself in aware trance at any time. It is in trance that most visions come from.

There are theta Trance cd and tapes available to help you reach this state of consciousness if you find it difficult.

I have had a brain wave…so i gave it one back.

Take care

Love and fun

Kindest Regards



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