Floating in the Void


Good morning

Floating in the void.

On occasion when in deep trance I experience a sensation I term “Floating in the void” It feels exactly like that,the body is weightless and floats around and around and up and down and sideways.It is pitch black and eiree silent,there are times when a blinding pulse of white light hits me,otherwise there is nothing.

From my experiences of this I suspect this place is a kind of waiting area vast and empty. It acts as a vacuum and holding area,where you are suspended between dimensions, it is space itself. I have no control over where I am or going,or what direction I am turning. I get disoriented very quickly and never know how long I am going to be there.Time loses itself and seems to standstill, yet time passes.

Although scary, it is in fact a very moving and beautiful experience,I find pure silence to be that, it is quite remarkable and soothes etherically.I hope some of have been there, and those that have not will be taken to the void and have the chance to feel this utmost humble sensation.

I have been really trying to A-void writng this artical it is really difficult trying to write while floating on a water bed.

I remain humbly yours

Kindest regards



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