Winter Solstice


Tis Winter Solstice.

It is upon us, Rebirth has begun, the yule the longest night, silence and warm wine in celebration..the Dongzhi festival (Buddhist), bright and alive a wonderful cold yet warm time..tis the winter solstice.

Mean Grimhridh-(celtic)..raise your glass and imagine the 17 minutes of light and wonder as dawn breaks, watch in awe, irish leprechaun’s dancing in joy as the beginning begins again..tis winter solstice.

Another start, winter clean, crisp,fresh and energizing. pray, be silent, tap the table, and welcome the season with an open heart and mind. Observe, listen, and learn-birds flutter,squirrels scurry, trees bland and empty..tis winter solstice.

Moon bright, stars speckled in the sky, frosty breath, a chilled wind or breeze all these things are part of the coming rebirth..ow glorious celebration in honour of our children on this children’s day, hoping the rebirth brings new awareness and awakenings to us all. Winter my lovelies is officially  here..tis winter solstice.

“…walking in a winter wonderland”

Love you all

Kindest Regards



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