Humility and Dignity: essences of spirit.


humility and Dignity: essences of spirit.

Humility and dignity are essences of gods pure spirit. Those among us that have the ability to create Writers,Linguists,Poets,Herbalist,Artist, photographers etc..tap into these two essences simply because they detach from themselves  and go within themselves when they are concentrating on their art.

Hildegard of Bingen was such person I have reproduced below part of a letter she wrote about herself to illustrate the aspect of both Humility and dignity.

“A wind flew from a high mountain and, as it passed over ornamented castles and towers , it put into motion a small feather which had no ability of its own to fly but received its movement entirely from the wind. Surely the almighty god arranged this to show what the divine could achieve through a creature that had no hope of achieving anything by herself. “

Hildegard of Bingen: 1098-1179.

The time has come for mankind to move nearer to god, and embracing the dual aspects of Humility and dignity are paramount to doing this. To produce works that inspire and lift people without wanting any self reward is magnificent ..we all need to live however, so receiving payment for such works is ok..but when the underlying attribute to producing such work becomes pure profit and recognition led by the ego, that is when  many fine artist, poets, writers, photographers etc lose the essence of dignity and humility..and sadly in most cases there work suffers dramatically as a result. If you look at most of the geniuses in history there best works were produced  when they were unknown and of a poorer nature..Some however did allude to great fame and wealth and continued to produce and even better their earlier works..why?because they never lost the twin essences of spirit..Humility and Dignity, Please those of you that are the feather, moving with wind..recognise this and continue your sacred work humbly and with proud dignity. Thank you.

My dignity and humility means I will jest today.

Love and respect

Kindest Regards




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