An Acceptance of Madness



An acceptance of madness.

If there is one thing I have learnt over the last 20 years or so, it is simply the fact that most of the time any knowledge or insights I have gained are mostly personal,those that are not and can be shared should be done so,by me at least only when deemed necessarily. Often when expressed many people think I am mad and in the early days of my growth I found this off-putting and sometimes upsetting. Nowadays however I accept this cry of my madness and simply let people think what they want.

When anybody expresses something that is beyond the fishbowl thinking of the majority of people, they automatically dismiss the ideas as unacceptable or the ravings of a madman or woman. Up until the advent of the inter net I, apart from a spell around 12-13 years ago was very guarded about what I spoke to people about,I rarely talked about anything spiritual or the like, simply because much of what I saw and learnt was as I said personal, and the rest often passed over the heads of those I told. I kept my discussions about such things to a minimum and would only speak about them to people who I felt wanted to know,or to people who asked me about it. In fact most of my conversation in those days was about , football,music,holidays etc..little did I realise that I was actually giving them what they wanted, the normal conversation of fishbowl life.

Now with my own acceptance of madness and the inter net revolution I feel much more freedom in writing and talking about such things and it has become a lot more enjoyable and easier, plus also the time for people to learn and change is upon us. and besides if I am mad , I really enjoy it.

I shall now listen to the song “Mad World” and then go to paris and jump in (the)seine.

Take care


Kindest Regards



2 thoughts on “An Acceptance of Madness

  1. So true. I was recently at my hair dressers and we got slightly philosophical and my hair dresser stopped me mid sentence and looked me dead in the face and asked “Are you high?” I was taken back by this. I then began to question “Are my thoughts and ideas that out there that people think I’m drugged.” I soon realized that it was not me who’s thoughts were “out there” it was that her thoughts were too “in there” (in the fish bowl). I agree with the internet it is easier to be open and find people who relate to your ideas. Great blog, I’ll be sure to stay tuned!

  2. May I join your madness club? Sometimes it’s so hard to find someone to talk to because all there is for them ranges from sports, the latest thing on TV, the latest crap they bought for themselves or for their kids, and other ridiculously shallow stuff I can’t relate to. Whenever I talk about the way I see the world or my ideas about life, I’m automatically labeled as crazy, odd or weird. I think it’s good to be outside the fishbowl. 🙂

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