Save and Rescue


Good Afternoon.

Save and Rescue.

This is an edited, updated and revised version of an article I wrote a couple of years ago.At the time it was posted on somebody else,s website and after completion upon re-reading and taking some well constructed advice I felt it contained some unintentional and rather fundamental errors and mistakes. Two years on however I have grown and now have a much more perceptive view and the time is right to republish.

Firstly it is important for me to stress, that as individuals we cannot save humanity. The only person you can save is yourself , through dedication, honour, humility and compassion to our planet and mankind. We are not here to save others,those of us that think we they are and believe that by doing so they somehow save themselves are mistaken. This is the ego leading you to believe that you are some sort of white knight or saviour of man.

We can however help others to save themselves and perhaps rescue them from certain situations they find themselves in. There are two predominate ways to do this. The first is be humble and without reservation offer people silent love and compassion, breathe love to others , don’t judge them blow them a ball of loving energy directly at their heart, silently saying to everyone you pass “I love you”. for those of you who feel able to,you can perhaps send a pulse of energy from your fingertips towards people trying to repel or fry a few ghouls .

The second way is to give help to people whenever they ask, it may be something quiet simple like listening to them for a while ,or giving them advice on something,only give advice about something you know,if you dont know then be honest and tell them so. If you are gifted in healing then if asked you may want to heal them in some way. You can offer your services to others, but let them decide if they want it or not. I have learnt this, if somebody comes to you for help,then they are giving you permission to help them. Where as if you impose your help on somebody you are infringing on them.

As a person you have a right to ask for help if you need it,you also have the right not to give help if you so choose, as do others, so if somebody you ask for help refuses, they have the right to do so,if that’s the case then allow them that choice without any judgement or bitterness towards them. I personally if asked and am able to do so providing I am not putting myself in any real danger, will help.

I am a rescuer not a saver…( I do save for a rainy day

Help people if you possibly can…if not refrain from harming them.


Kindest Regards



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