Celibacy and Sex

celibacy and sex.

About five years ago I chose to practice celibacy.The reasons for this are that the art of celibacy helps to keep your life force and energy intact,enabling you to become more etherically powerful, thereby helping you on your inner journey and quest.The more contained you are the more able  you are to access other dimensions and inner knowledge. When a man ejaculates he ejects some of his life force, done frequently this reduces your ethereal potential and lowers your spiritual prowess.

Sex itself if done in a loving relationship, and performed with honour and respect for your partner is ok,(it’s the ejaculation of the life force that is the problem),provided it is not done frequently, just for the sake of it. If the urge for sex in you is great I recommend limiting yourself to say a couple of times a month no more. If you must have sex, then do it as I said with respect and honour for your partner. Most sexual encounters are carried out with little respect for each other. Sex is predominately used as a controlling mechanism, or as a show of power. It is sold to us by the system as good and a must have. Spiritually it does us little good.

Always avoid low-level degrading sex and pornography..it is a sure way to attract the ghouls and demons of the hell worlds into your life and body. Some of the things we do to each other sexually are beyond belief and degrading and carry no spiritual worth. Too many men use sex for a egotistic boost and to control and degrade women,too many women use sex as a weapon against men to manipulate them. The controlling elite promote sexuality in all its glory, telling us its ok to shag everyday…its another of the grand lies.

Strong warrior men do not need sex to be deemed manly. Amazon warrior women do not need sex to satisfy their lust for power.Florinda
Donner in her book “Being in dreaming” tells us that sex  instead of enhancing a womans power actually diminishes it.

In the end you choose what you want to do..Sex planned for children, is natural, limited loving sex done with respect and honour is ok…anything else take care.

It reminds of that Kings of Leon song “Your sex is on fire”.

Take care have fun

Kindest Regards



One thought on “Celibacy and Sex

  1. It may be my own spirituality and sacred beliefs, but I do agree with you here 100% I’ve been celibate for eons and I’m actually proud of it. I concentrate on many creative endeavors, like writing and drawing and even composing music. I find it appalling when people at my workplace brag about how many intimate partners they have and how they fool them. They’re only deceiving themselves in the end. This does not mean I don’t go out and enjoy myself. I do go out, but my interests are wide-ranged and apparently very different from those around me. Yes, I would like to meet a special man and share my life with him, but until then, it does not mean I have a license to run wild and grab whatever opportunity comes across. Intimacy is a gift, not something to be used for power or manipulation.

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