Walking backwards from the bubbles

Walking backwards from the bubbles.

Every event and profession has its own bubble around it.Contained within each bubble are the numerous possibilities that can happen within that event or profession. So for example if you choose to involve yourself in politics  and move towards that goal , you step into the bubble that is politics,and open yourself up to all the possibilities that holds. Ie Salary,corruption,lying,prime minister,cabinet minister,councillor,etc. Everything that particular bubble holds can be drawn to you in your life. All the stresses,and negatives as well as all the positives.

Primarily it is the ego in power mode that makes choices for us ,projecting us forward to the thousands of bubbles that exist in bubble land. When this happens you can quiet easily find yourself in situations that you don’t want or need. All the spooky ghoulish garbage that has been attracted to your particular bubble will gyrate around you and try to grab you by the goolies when you least expect it.

The answer to this is always walk backwards from the bubbles ,never walk into them. Aways make decisions from within your feelings or do as the beings of light ask ,whilst in retreat from the lures of the ego bubbles.By walking backwards you often end up walking into a very different bubble without knowing it , and this can often have surprising results and turn out much less stressful for you, even though it may be scary and unfamiliar . This can often be the best way to find out what you really need to do with yourself. When in doubt never do anything,certainly do not move towards the bubbles of despair.

Strange and weird really.

The only bubbles I walk into are the ones in my bath or shower..ow and I do like Bubbles in the tv show Absolutely Fabulous.

Fun..take care

Kindest Regards


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