A Greek Tragedy


Good morning

A Greek Tragedy

Is it a coincidence that the empire and nation that founded the basis for our modern-day economy Greece,could in fact be the very nation who also destroys it..No it is not,sometimes the karma of a nation can suddenly be revealed for all to see. There is nearly always a etheric spiritual reason as to why things happen,Greece will default,it is bankrupt. So it seems somehow to be poetic justice that may well be the destroyer of the system it started all those ago.

In their heyday the Greeks were a bold philosophical people,and not scared to stand up for themselves. That same inner karmic spirit is showing in its people again as they stand up to their evil leaders attempts to enslave them,they are very brave ,and I feel for them.

I understand a bit about spirituality..everything else is greek to me.

Take care

Love and fun



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