Good afternoon.


There is a lot of stuff said on this subject..not by me..but here goes. most of the stuff is lies or exaggerated. Ufo,s do exist, they are basically the forces of darkness,s air force and they patrol the matrix field that surrounds mankind’s thinking, helping to keep us in 3D bubble land. they are flying beings that do not have our interest at heart and are dangerous and can cause lots of harm and fear.

Sometimes they show themselves, to instill fear in us and keep up the hype about this subject. Governments hush up the existence of such things to add to the fear and confusion, plus most of the worlds leaders are knowingly or not working for the same dark forces, so they do not want us to know of their existence.

In order to move through the matrix of control spiritually you may have to endure some sort of Ufo attack..I do not know if this happens to everybody who wants to make the journey..perhaps, but the Ufo,s have been taken out bit by bit by the forces of light , therefore making your journey easier than those before you.

Keep up your defences and if any attacks happen you should be able to see or sense them before they do, these are the airborne line of defence used by the dark forces to ensure you stay trapped in the hell like prison of bubble 3D..the ghouls and demons are the predominate forces at work and Ufo,s generally only get attracted to you if you really focus on them.

The only actual saucers there are the ones that go with my tea cup..lol.

Take care


Kindest Regards



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