Light Our. Very. Essence.

Most of us today have forgotten that we are in fact light beings. We came from gods love and light and will after our lifes experiences return to that same essence. Our planet has been hijacked by darkness and evil..and we have been spoon fed misinformation and fear  by the dark forces and their human allies to help us forget who we really are..dark and evil cannot live in a light environment.

Love is pure clean and glorious..i break the word down as thus. L=light O=our V=very E=essence. God is total love and light so love contains our feelings of compassion,humility,honour,respect,fun,joy,generosity, etc. Anger, jealousy,hatred,being miserly,boastfulness, selfishness,etc are all emotions, that do not come breaks all these things down, they cannot exist inside love.

The forces of good, light and love are winning this war against the evil darkness that resides in and around our planet and in the hell worlds. All the cold two-faced liars, egotistic controlling elite,paedophiles, criminals,greedy financiers,and corrupt politicians and church leaders will or have started to, suffer the consequences of their inner darkness, and will be brought down. Very few of these people have any light in them..and despite many chances to change they have ignored them and now it is too guess is around 100,000,000 of the worlds worst offenders will be dealt with in the first wave of collapse .

In order to survive what is inevitable you need to strengthen the love and light inside yourself and raise it to the highest and purest level you possibly can..there is still time for a love and light resides in us all..the higher you respond to your true essence the more you will move away from the turmoil that is coming..breath love to has many people as you can, be humble,generous,compassionate and dignified, respect and honour yourself and others..remain balanced calm and loving..keep your life simple and spread fun and joy…light love and god will win..why not be there to see it.

I sincerely love you all


Take care

Humbly yours






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