2012-will the world end?


Hope you all had a kind, peaceful, loving christmas.

2012-will the world end?

AS 2012 nears the centuries old mayan prediction of the end of the world flows into our consciousness yet again!!. This one thing seems to occupy a large section of mankind’s thinking..yet how is this? The mayan culture was a dark magic blood sacrifice one-they sacrificed women and children in their thousands, to appease their dark gods and deity’s. There Leaders (Pharos) ruled through fear and repression-thery were the nazi,s of the time.

The Mayans were only a small civilisation and did not offer much to mankind’s developement except this single prophecy of doom..strange? If civilisations such as the Greeks, and Egyptians who produced vast Numbers of philosophical thinkers and holy men who understood astronomy and more have not made such bold predictions..why could the mayans?..the mayans could not  even predict their own karmic demise..so it is extremely unlikely they could predict any such thing for this planet, at any future point with any real accuracy..humbug i say.

21-12-2012 will arrive and the planet earth will still be here..the world will not end-but the world as we know it will-and this will seem to some people like the end of the world anyway..a financial collapse is almost certain, many more of the evil doers and corrupt politicians, despot leaders, cold egotistical bankers and finacial controllers and institutions will fall. As a result of this many ordinary citizens will suffer..unfortuantely for this rotten dark light less system to fall everything that is holding it  up has to collapse as well-pensions funds, investment funds,savings, banks,governments and its workforce..the NHS..etc.

My advice as I have said before to those who have followed my work..in order to protect your self from this you need to simplify and minimise your lifestyle..cash in your pensions, keep little in the bank, have at least 6 six months salary in cash at hand, sell your house and rent..be ready to move at a moments notice when instructed by instinct. incorporate more love and light into your life,trust and believe in god and the christ consciousness, work on yourself..deal with your own personal darkness,I have listed in many of my articles the things to incorporate into your life to make it easier for you to survive the coming years: Love, honour,compassion, humility, respect, truthfulness, generosity laughter, fun and joy.etc.    If in doubt then you can if you so i you wish re-read or check out my articles again.

The only worlds end I know it the pub that is shutting down near me..pity that.

I love you all

Take care

kindest Regards




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