My Strange Encounter with a sorceress and her Mystical world.


Good afternoon.

My strange encounter with a sorceress and her mystical world.

I first met Susan around 9 years ago , she was a black woman who viewed the world so different, she was ridiculed locally and deemed mad.I hung around with her for around 2 years meeting up about 2-3 times a week,we became good friends and dated briefly. After knowing her for about 4 hours I was drawn into her mystical world and although experience had taught me to be cautious, I freely entered into her strange world. her ground floor flat was grubby and crammed with junk and other stuff.

It was the living room that really fascinated me however, upon first glance it looked completely ramshackle and like a bomb had hit it.But I soon became aware of a strange kind of organised gradually become clear to me that things were deliberately arranged in a way to draw in the power of outer worldly dimensions. Susan told me she was a Jamaican shaman and sorceress and she brewed several strange hallucinogenic concoctions that we drank together and I began to see the significance of the here before random array of mirrors,pictures,furniture and vases. Each mirror was intricately placed and with the lighted candles she used a pathway to other worlds became clearly visible. She showed me pictures that she had painted, that at first glance looked lines of different coloured water coloured paints with random squiggle and dots. Upon closer inspection the true wonder of these pictures was revealed to me, they told biblical tales of epic proportion, and the dreams and legends of ancient tribes and tales of myth and mystery, she was a majestic artist.

Two years were enough for me to be embroiled in this fascinating womans world,she showed me lots,but in the end it began to take on a dark path of tis own , and I then knew it was not the path for showed me lots of dark truths and promised me power of epic proportions. It was at that point I saw also the truth was interlaced with a twisted  darkness and from that moment on I had to get out…I have not seen Susan since.

Nowadays the only black magic I entertain are the chocolate ones.

Take care

Fun fun fun

Kindest Regards



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