Seeing(The sight)

Good afternoon.

Seeing (The Sight)

In the books and film of the “Spiderwick Chronicles” one of the main children characters Simon Grace is given a stone of seeing in order for him to be able to see the invisible beings and world beyond his normal perception. Later on he is giving the sight permanently.

Just as in the film and book there are beings, creatures and worlds that exist beyond our normal perception. All manner of demonic ghouls lie in dimensions just outside our bubble 3D reality, that most of us cannot see.just because we cant see them However does not mean they do not exist.

In order to evolve spiritually and etherically it is vital to develop seeing (the sight) this perception will enable you to see for yourself the extent of darkness that exists around us. ghouls are everywhere and infest large bodies of mankind. They possess most of our world leaders, mafia,gangsters,high-ranking church officials, financial bosses, etc. Outside of this they hover among us and fire spite, fear, anger, illness and upset at us, in a bid to keep us from the light and control us. We live in a hell world, and only by being able to perceive beyond the normal thinking and seeing can you really protect yourself from such attacks.

As you grow spiritually and begin to cleanse yourself of hatred, jealousy,greed, anger, and egotistic demands, your perception expands and you will begin to see the true reality of the world we live in. The matrix is real and surrounds us..the good news is that it is beginning to fall apart as the forces of light inflict heavy damage on it. As this happens however, the nazi,s and fascist will try to impose their control and fear even more on the populace.

The dark and evil will be driven out and light will prevail, unless you prepare yourself adequately you will find the going extremely tough in the coming few years..the first step is to delve into and understand your own darkness and confront that face to face..we all have standing firm and incorporating your crap and admitting you have weaken its hold on then must replace that with love, joy,compassion, humility, generosity,and an unquestioning show of faith in god and the christ consciouness..if you do this the beings of light will make themselves known to you and you will begin to see beauty and wonder in its true nature.

“I spy with my true eye…something beginning with G”

Much love

Take care

Happy new year

kindest Regards




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