The Blindfolded angel


Good afternoon.

The blindfolded angel.

I am very lucky in the sense that at the bottom of my street there lies a wonderful expanse of woodland and nature. Within this beautiful area I found a secluded grove that I call my power spot. It is tree covered and has flowers and plants everywhere, I go there as often as possible,it is a place of immense beauty and I can sit peacefully and listen to just the sound of the birds and wildlife, and watch the squirrels play. A place where I can meditate and hug the trees.

In the untouched growth of bushes and trees I spotted an angel she was perched birdlike among trees hovering about 20 feet or so in the air.the angel had wonderful soft curved wings that caressed the trees and took on a narrow form. She was glowing and stunning her face was radiant and almost translucient..and oddly she was wearing a blindfold.

Later I found out that is the guardian of the grove and although blindfolded can see everything. When I am near her,her very presence emits a calming influence and I feel overjoyed and peaceful. This angel it seems remains vigilant at all times, simply watching,waiting and protecting mothers creatures. she speaks to me rarely,but when she does I leave imprinted with a tiny bit of her vast wisdom. I do not know her name and may never will. I am humbled by her presence and dedication to protecting mother natures planets and creatures,I love her dearly and thank god for allowing me to find her.


have fun

Kindest Regards



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