The Spider and its Web

Good afternoon.

The spider and its web

In the woods the other day I saw among the trees a small spider she was busy spinning her web. I stopped and watched this marvellous creature at work . they shoot their silk thread at lightning speed and work it with great speed purpose and accuracy.

As I watched she bounced up and down on her spun lines as she went up however she suddenly disappeared from my view, I moved closer to try to spot her, but no matter how hard I tried I could not see her. When I stepped back a few feet she reappeared lowering herself majestically . I continues to watch and I did so she once again moved upwards and again disappeared . Again out of curiosity I moved forward to look for her ,once again I could not find her.

The spiders web is a fascinating piece of natural art , and it reminds of how we ourselves through some delicate form of spinning our life force sideways can suddenly feel ourselves moving into another dimension. funny how we can learn so much from the insect,animals and trees, that co-exist with us. never under-estimate the skill ,bravery and spiritual evolution of all these things around us.

Spiderman…I wonder?

Take care lots of love

Kindest Regards



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