Good afternoon.


Prayer is a very powerful way of communicating with god and the heavenly beings. I do not mean the religious type of prayer that is ordained by the churches,although many people find solace in that,and therefore I cannot judge them. The prayer I am talking about however are the ones that are meant with honour,humility,compassion and love for the god force and everything it stands for, the type where the person who is undertaking this holy act really asks for forgiveness and redemption of his or her soul.

It is a good thing to try to pray at least two or three times a day and repeat your prayers several times with true meaning..experiment with various prayers , the most powerful ones are those that are short,potent and meaningful,and can repeated say three times to give them more power. Ask god for forgiveness, redemption and also what it is you need to do to aid yourself in this. Be clear concise and resolute about what you say without begging for anything, just allow the message to resonant without egotistic reservations.

Always use phrases like “god I ask for..”instead of “I beg for..”allow god and the forces of spirit to decide. Through everyday prayer you will grow stronger and softer and more humble..and at some point god will come and fill your heart.

I must now go and do 30 hail Marys….lol.

Take care

Have fun as ever.

Kindest Regards



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