The Humble penny (dime)

The Humble Penny (dime).

The issue of wealth and spirituality has always been a bit of an enigma to me…hence the reason I have not posted a lot of articles about it. Without a doubt however , with a high spiritual level of awareness and focus you can generate wealth.Because of my somewhat differing attitude and doubt about the two , I seem only to generate the wealth I need to enable me to survive. I have learnt one or two things however and one particular thing I read many years ago I believe is the cornerstone to creating wealth and a bigger spiritual wealth energy. It is a discipline I do all the time and coupled with other wealth generating exercises can make a difference to your cash flow.

Whenever you are out and about a penny or dime lying on the floor always pick it up, never pass it by,the humble penny or dime is the cornerstone of currency, it is the lowest humble denomination in the currency system. Whatever amount of wealth somebody has it is made up of X amount of pennies or cents. By picking up a penny or cent when you see it, you affirm to the god force that you respect the humble penny or cent and therefore humbly respect wealth , the penny or cent is a very powerful monetary affirmation and its low value is more than matched by its spiritual beauty and power. I love the penny or cent and its humility at the bottom of the monetary ladder, never think you are above the dignity of this wonderful coin.

Pennies from true!

Love and fun

Kindest Regards



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