When The Mist is Gone


When The Mist is Gone.

Light, Light, Bright, Bright, Dazzling what a sight. I see at last, sharp and clear images that were shadows before. I see true reality or another at least, as dimensions are revealed to me, some hellish, others celestial-all seeming magical and real…when the mist is gone.

Years of pain and indifference, toil, determination,prayer, and meditation,wondering when and if, why, what..punching in the dark and through the desperation time and time again, now I know. I hear, and see the Lion of Judah, angels and demons, whereas before I did not..belief was only imaginary. Elation, relief and astonishment..when the mist is gone.

Slowly I understand compassion for mankind, love for the animals, grace and respect for nature. Evil and darkness is explained, stripped down simply. Symbols, signs, colours, are gradually understood. Meanings,visions,and vast wonders merge into my thoughts. I own my darkness, I move into light and I spread love..when the mist is gone.

It’s interesting that spirit and spiritually does become clearer and the mist-ry is no longer with clearer vision.

Love to you all

Gaia,s grace

Kindest regards



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