5 Symptoms of Growth

5 symptoms of growth.

As we grow and expand in spiritual perception our body goes through changes as its vibrational level speeds up to help us propel ourselves to higher levels of awareness.ther are numerous symptoms or effects that occur to indicate this. Author and lecturer Stuart Wilde informs us there are dozens of these indicators,he is probably right,however I have only ever experienced 5 of these. some of you may have already experienced or sensed some of these yourself.

In no particular order i will explain the symptoms of those 5 that i have the privilege to experience.

  • The ear buzz-This is a buzzing sound that sounds like bees on your eardrums and is non-stop.I dont know how long it can go on for in my case it lasted 3 days.
  • The back pull-This is like having a rope attached to the middle of your back and somebody pulling it continuously. I still get this regular.
  • The eye Twitch-A constant feeling that your eye is twitching madly.I do not know if this can affect both eyes at once or not,my sensation of this occurred in my right eye and lasted several hours-again this comes back at regular intervals,
  • The head roll-The head rolls and sways side by side by its self as if pulled by some unseen force or energy.This can last for many hours,and happens to me frequently.
  • Half body dematerialization-In my case the entire right hand side of my body dissolved and became transparent, I felt as if I had no right side to my face,arm and leg. this lasted a couple of hours and I have experienced this 3 times in total.

If any of these have done or do occur, it indicates that you are expanding and growing in the etheric and is a positive sign. these symptoms can however be unnerving and irritating and depending on your rate of acceleration painful. If in doubt about any of these you may just want to seek professional health advice.

Thank you..goodby for now

Dr NO.

Meanwhile have fun growing

Love and regards



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