Knights Hospitaller (soveriegn miltary order of St John)



Knights Hospitaller (sovereign military order of St John)

There is stuff abound about the Knights Templar, but less is known about the Knights Hospitaller (known also as the Knight of Malta). These were warrior knight/healers who helped to care for the sick and wounded in the holy land of Jerusalem during the crusades, they ran hospitals and which they would fight to protect. A kind of cleric really. they were founded in 1099 and still exist today..the founder was one Blessed Gerard, their symbol was a white cross on a black background.

In 1530 they made their base in Malta where they remained for 268 years. The main hospital they built could hold some 500 patients was known to be one of the finest in the world. They were monks who were also willing to be knights and they took vows of Chastity,poverty,obedience and to care for the sick and wounded. It is this kind of healer warrior that epitomizes the spiritual feminine spirit, caring, honourable devote and willing to fight  against the forces evil, I love that type of spiritual was worthy and much more spiritual honest at the time then the “Templars”who in the end went on to become what would today be considered the worlds first “multinational corporation”.

Talking of knights…dont it get dark quick now!

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