The Hitmen/Women

The hitmen/women

There are spiritual warriors who I refer to as Hitmen/women, their duty is to take out the most  corrupt souls in the inner worlds. They will pursue those of us on the earth  plane that rotten and evil and cannot be saved. These hit men/women traverse the inner worlds searching and seeking the most corrupt and bring them down. Once taken down in the inner realms it is only a matter of time before they are taken down in our 3D reality.

Once taken out in the inner there is nothing that they can do about there fate, they are doomed to face whatever consequences their Karma holds. Their fate is not always death, it can be a fall from grace or bankruptcy or an incurable illness..the most evil however will not survive. There are those among us who have been given chance after chance to change their ways and have failed to do so. The forces of light and good especially Gaia cannot keep giving us chances..we have already had many many chances to change our ways and for those that constantly refuse , there is no more time.

There is still time for many of us to get their act together, the more goodness and light you possess the greater your chances of survival in the coming years. Pure evil  and dross will be taken down. Remain vigilant, invest in yourself, and breve the breath of life to yourself and others.

Be like Nero in the film “The matrix”.

Lots of love

Kindest Regards




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