Nazism and Fascism


Nazism and Fascism.

Our world leaders, bankers, politicians,church officials,despot rulers and so forth are in the grip of their own self-induced inner impulses of nazism and fascism. While the inner worlds surrounding  our planet were infested with and controlled by ufos,s ghouls, and other demonic forces the egos of these corrupted souls were protected-while the rest of mankind were concentrating on “fashion,music,sport,entertainment,work, paying the bills and worrying about their and their families safety”-all things projected by society’s controllers, they could impose their corrupt controlling influence upon us covertly, as their egos felt protected by the darkness that surrounded them.

At the turn of the millennium however the forces of light began to break down this dark dust that surrounds us, and since then a major war between light and dark has ensued. the darkness,s hold on the inner realms has been severely damaged as billions of its demonic army has been taken out. the impact of this inner turmoil is now being felt in our bubble 3D reality, as the protective barrier around the human agents of darkness is falling.

These people are now getting scared their power base is crumbling , they are beginning to feel insecure, as more and more of us can  now see the corruption and control , that was not seen before. Our own anger and frustration is now flowing to the surface.

As both these things happen, the ruling elite will become ever more fascist and nazi in their ways, in a bid to save this system and themselves from an ego meltdown. They will desperately try to cling to power..the rise of fascism and nazism will be and indeed can be seen worldwide-soon however as the inner core of mankind’s evil souls , like the emperors of Rome, Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin etc are weakened, this ferocious attack on decent , compassionate,caring,loving,beings will finally be defeated and a new spiritually evolved mankind will live alongside earth mother Gaia in harmony and respect.

I know two twins who are nazi types John and Jack. I don’t like John much, but I like Jacks boots.

God bless

Love Love

Take care

Kindest regards



4 thoughts on “Nazism and Fascism

    • Hi hope you are well? Nazism and fascism exist within our own darkness, people only react externally like nazi,s when the ego is pumped up by the ghouls and other forces of darkness. Control and repression are the two main external signs of this..which most governments excercise. I hope this makes it a little clearer. Take care

      Kindest Regards gg


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